Relaxation Using Music & Mind

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Incorporating relaxation and mindfulness techniques often helps students, both children and adults, to settle into their lessons more easily, engage more fully and enjoy a more receptive, open mind for learning.  These techniques involve becoming more aware of one’s breath and body by relaxing every muscle. Students have realized success with these techniques and usually return several times to further their experiential understanding.

Besides using these techniques to further one’s enjoyment of music and the flute, there are a multitude of mindfulness techniques that can be used at any moment of our day, if we wish — while brushing our teeth, eating an apple, using our computers, visiting a sick friend, or walking our dog.

Margaret walking in Tibet


As background, these are techniques that I have learned through mindfulness meditation instruction with His Eminence Shyalpa Rinpoche.  I have had the blessing and privilege of studying closely with this renowned Meditation Master, traveling with him throughout the United States, Canada, Nepal, India and, his home country, Tibet.

Students can choose their own relaxing music, or I am happy to make suggestions. These lessons involve a commitment to practice on your own, just like any kind of lesson I teach, and I usually have students come back at least 4 or 5 times to further their experiential understanding of the techniques I teach.

Please contact me through The Magique Flute for more information about lessons in Relaxation Using Music and Mind.


Snow Mountains in Tibet, Photo by Margaret LaFrance

Private or Group formal “sitting” Meditation Practice Instruction

(As kindly passed on to me by H.E. Shyalpa Rinpoche.)

Please contact me through The Magique Flute if you are interested in private or group lessons in “sitting” mindfulness meditation.


His Eminence Shyalpa Rinpoche

Shyalpa Rinpoche is the author of “Living Fully: Finding Joy in Every Breath” which is a top-of-the-list seller at  The book came out in February, 2012 and is available on-line and at bookstores. “Living Fully” is a teasure trove of heartfelt advice on how to seize the moment and live with kindness and understanding. Then, at ease with ourselves and the world, we can actualize our innate potential and discover what it means to live our lives fully.

For more information about the book and Shyalpa Rinpoche, please click here or go to


Margaret LaFrance, M.M. for The Magique Flute

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