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    - Mz Paws: Web Manager, Editor, Yoga Instructor
  • I have known Margaret LaFrance for 30 years as a teacher, composer, colleague and friend. She is a uniquely talented and versatile musician.  Her music is whimsical yet profound and her musicianship is impeccable. She is a sensitive and responsive teacher and so creative with language and music.   I love playing with her and collaborating with her.  She will put her own special touch on any project that comes her way.

    - Jill Dreeben, flutist
  • I am 10 years old, and I started taking flute lessons with Margaret in July, 2011. I really feel like I connect with Margaret. I feel like she really encourages not only perfection but making mistakes, too! She always makes sure I learn from making mistakes. She really challenges me but she doesn't overdo it. I feel like I've improved so much since I first met her. I also was in one of her Flute Ensemble Workshops with other flutists, and even though some of them were adults, I had a wonderful experience in the workshop! I like that in my lessons, Margaret's cats are a great audience! :)

    - Margo Moran, Flute Student
  • My 10-year-old daughter has been studying flute with Margaret since July, 2011. She looks forward to going to each week's lesson, as do I. Her lessons are so joyful -- it's wonderful to hear them playing together and laughing together. My daughter's skills have improved immensely, and Margaret has now added music theory to the lessons, which is giving my daughter a great understanding of the musical world. We are so glad to have found Margaret as a flute teacher!

    - Ellen Moran, Parent
  • When I hear the name Margaret LaFrance, I immediately reminisce back to when as an adult beginner, I would arrive at her apartment early and stand outside in the hall and just listen to her play...her gorgeous tone was mesmerizing! It was and still is my inspiration! I never played an instrument growing up...but when I stumbled across a used flute one day, I became immediately intrigued!! I decided to find someone to take lessons from and fate guided me to the most wonderful teacher and person and made my musical experience everything it should be! It was a half hour drive, but as an adult with a career I still made the time to take lessons once a week. Margaret was very supportive and patient and made learning fun! Margaret's love for the flute is infectious...what a wonderful experience I was blessed to have. She is living proof that you can teach an adult and it is never too late to pursue a dream! I took lessons for a few years with her until she moved....I found another teacher and continued to take lessons but have never had anyone that has matched my experience with Margaret. I have not seen her in years but have always managed to keep in touch with her. My hope and dream is to one day be able to study with Margaret again!! 

    - Debbie Mitchell
  • I trained as a flutist in my teens, left the discipline in college, and then came back to it as a mid-life adult.  So with 15 years of training and practice, I've worked with quite a range of professionals.  I can attest that Margaret LaFrance is a superb and versatile performer who plays beautifully and is fun to work with.  She seems equally at home in the classical repertoire or in pop/modern genres.  Among her other talents, Margaret has composed a range of solo and accompanied pieces for flute, and they are delightful.

    - Tim Stephen: Professor, University at Albany
  • I have been playing the flute for a number of years but was having difficulties with some aspects of technique. Margaret was able to isolate those areas and give me a solid foundation upon which to build. Her teaching style is demanding, yet gentle and she insists that playing the flute is more than reading notes on a page!

    - L.H.
  • Margaret is NOT the person to study with if you don't like the flute, have no interest in music and your mother wants you to do something "cultural" once a week. Margaret IS the person to study with if you want a teacher who is a consummate flutist/musician and is a unique teacher who, in lessons, embraces music, beauty and joy. I am a colleague of Margaret's. We gave a series of concerts with two flutes and piano/harpsichord, as well as providing music for receptions and weddings. Our rehearsals were collaborative and non-competitive. Margaret's sense of esthetics, focus on excellence, and pleasure in making music always superseded the perfunctory practice of preparing for a performance.

    - Barbara Holliday Kenyon, Flutist
  • What a joy it has been to work with Margaret for a fund-raising concert she organized a few months ago. She is a fine musician with great sensitivity, patience and humility. As an educator she also has a great sense of humor.

    - Francelise Dawkins: Artist, Writer and Teacher
  • I know Margaret LaFrance as a key collaborator on my productions. Margaret has provided soundtracks and on-camera musical performances in several of my projects. She was a pleasure to work with - no drama, her work was first rate, imaginative, and always on-time. She is helpful, collaborative, and creative. Her contributions to my projects have always made them better than they were. I have also been an audience member for a number of her performances. Her original compositions and collaborations have been imaginative, graceful, and surprising. Her work invites the listener in to go on a musical journey with her. I've heard her many times collaborating with a poet. I've observed that her music intertwined with the poetry in a manner that created a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Not only do I look forward to the performance of the next iteration of her music, I also look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with her on a soundtrack.

    I would like to add on a personal note how deeply helpful and sensitive Margaret was in organizing and conducting a memorial for our beloved dog, Merlin. My wife and I were deeply saddened by our dog's death. Margaret, without being assertive, gently organized a lovely memorial. She made the programs, helped lead the event, and finally and most lovingly, composed the song "Ode to the Faithful Dog Merlin" that was based on situations we shared with her about him. It lifted our spirits and put a smile on the face of all who were there. Not only that, Margaret got carrot cake, his favorite cake, to wind up this celebration. You can't go wrong working with Margaret LaFrance.

    - Roger Wyatt, Ph.D., M.F.A.
  • I should preface these remarks with the fact that I started taking lessons from Margaret late in life; I need detailed instructions when it comes to the flute. Margaret has patience rivaling Job dealing with my problems. She varies her explanations until I understand. She challenges me to be better with positive statements. She loves playing the flute, which makes her strive for perfection. Listening to her play inspires one to practice, something most people dislike. She is a compassionate yet demanding instructor, a unique combination that makes me want to keep coming back.

    - D.P.
  • I recently had the privilege of listening to a flute performance by Margaret LaFrance in Saratoga Springs. Her passion and enthusiasm for music truly enhance her talent as both a performer and a composer. I enjoyed the playful style that comes out as she uses the flute to tell a story. I left the evening feeling inspired and look forward to another performance!

    - Anne Ganje
  • Margaret LaFrance has been an incredible blessing in many more ways than teaching flute, which she is great at. She is a wonderful musician and teacher. She has been great at understanding my learning style and being flexible to my needs. She almost immediately disarmed my nervousness in playing in front of others. Lessons are always a treat.  If I come in rather harried from my day's schedule, she has the ability to relax me. I go away feeling encouraged. I've heard Margaret in concert, wonderful!  She composes many pieces that are delightful.  At present she is conducting an ensemble workshop. We are learning so many necessary skills in these sessions. I am very grateful to have Margaret's help.  She is much more than a musician and teacher. She is a wonderful person.

    - Charlotte Smith


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